you know you're in trouble when you titled a post, "You know you're in trouble when…"

A sudden thought came to me late last night…I haven’t heard, seen, or had anyone talk to me about an Orange County woman feeling she was entitled to a man with mega-bucks. The unemployement numbers for these jobs must be incredibly high. Could many of these jobs have been outsourced? To Russia or Asia? Eastern Europe?

Most of the ‘mega-buck’ guys I have known through the years could be put into four (4) categories: All-Hat & No-Cattle types; Hyper-debt ridden; Marraige-poser-players; or Happily-Married-Family-Guy types.

Questions I would enjoy seeing the answers to: Have the first three types been washed out? Could this be used in a new-age economic indicator? The Orange Index?

On the other hand, the perma single guys whom I have known that have never had a real career and gone from job-to-job even in the best of times are still having problems.

Just noticing things. I would bet anything that the only category of guys doing well through this time is the Happily-Married-Family-Guy. In bad times it is so important to have that someone to mentally help you through.

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