Zuckerman: Crippling Public Unions

It looks as if the Public Unions, until recently above any and all criticism, are now fare game as the media finally arrives at the party. Mort Zuckerman in his latest US News column rips into Public Unions:

It is galling for private sector workers to see so many public sector workers thriving because of the power their unions exercise. Take California. Investigative journalist Steve Malanga point out in the City Journal that California’s schoolteachers are the nation’s highest paid; its prison guards can make six-figure salaries; many state workers retire at 55 with pensions that are higher than the base pay they got most of their working lives. All this when California endures an unemployment rate steeper than the nation’s. It will get worse. There’s an exodus of firms that want to escape California’s high taxes, stifling regulations, and recurring budget crises. When Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, says he will not build any more facilities in California, you know the state is in trouble.

However, he still uses squishy words as if he isn’t completely sold. Or how else do you read his opening sentence:

The American public feels it is drowning in red ink.

FEELS!!!??? Are you kidding me?!?! We, Californians, just feel we are drowning in red ink? At what level does Zuckerman think we know that we are drowning?

Here is the rest of the article: Crippling Burden of Public Unions


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