State Senate plan seeks $4.9 billion in new taxes

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger displays a chart showing the decline of general fund spending as he releases his revised spending plan in Sacramento on May 14. He proposed deep cuts to social services because he is gutless and doesn't want to take on the public unions like New Jersey's Chris Christie.

Stunned people are attempting to swallow after reading about State Senate Democrats (for article, click here) idea of hiking taxes another $5 billion. This unbelievably stupid move is highlighted by the Democrats sacrificing the poor for their Union constituency:

Senate Democrats unveiled a plan Monday to raise $4.9 billion in taxes and other revenues in an effort to forestall the deep cuts to some services and the outright elimination of California’s welfare program that are part of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal.

So, in other words, our State Government has no other cuts to make except the poor (who have been paying into the system for years). Did I miss the headlines and the stories of deep cuts in the public employee pensions? How about the cutting out of all the pet programs these Senate jesters have?

If these are the solutions that our elected leaders are submitting, then we have a lot more Pain & Suffering to go through. Our economy won’t get better until we cut non-essential programs, get rid of public employee unions, and shrink government. See what one head vampire/legislator said:

Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny, D-San Diego, is chairwoman of the Senate Budget Committee and said the proposal takes a balanced approach that does not put the burden of the deficit only on the poor.

“The point of it right now is to get people thinking, ‘How do we do this in a fair way and how do we think of the economy as a whole?’ ” said Ducheny, who noted that the state would lose billions in federal dollars, and child care businesses across the state would close, under the governor’s plan.

Who said anything about putting ANYTHING on the poor? Unless you are talking about the blood sucking public union memebers of this state. Cut their pensions drastically. That is the way to bring luster back to The Golden State.

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