Obama administration to cut spending? Yeah, right…

Does his mother even believe a face like this?

If you thought that the Obama Administration understands the need for cutting spending, or that they hear the electorate, you need to read the article on FT.com about Tax Cheat in Chief, Tim Geithner and his meeting with German counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble, German finance minister. Full article is here at Geithner talks.

What Little Timmy was scheduled to say, and what he did:

Mr Geithner had been expected to deliver a forceful warning, particularly in Germany, of the dangers of causing a new global slowdown with harsh budget cuts. Instead he praised the “leadership role” of the Berlin government in organising the €750bn ($926bn) stabilisation package for the eurozone.

Little Timmy showed his ability to keep a straight face when he uttered:

Mr Geithner said he had discussed the entire range of future financial regulation with Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank, and Mr Schäuble, including control of derivatives, constraints on risk-taking and new rules to allow banks to fail.

How does he find his way home at night? New rules? It’s “new” to let a business fail? Unbelievable.


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