Collapse of Euro to "Save" Europe?

Is the coming Euro meltdown ushering in a new age of Democracy?

Inquiring minds are reading a great commentary in the Telegraph, by Simon Heffer. In the article he states that the coming collapse of the Euro will ultimately save Europe:

What may be about to happen in Europe will shift considerations from the economic sphere into the political. That will be deeply uncomfortable not just for the unelected people in Brussels and Frankfurt who control the destiny of the great European project, but for elected politicians around Europe who have obtained, and kept, power and credibility only by signing up at all times to the European ideal.

For Europe has advanced largely by being anti-democratic. Some nations, unlike our own, do offer referendums when great political changes are proposed, but they also offer another one if the “right” result is not obtained the first time. The constitutional changes then effected enable the bureaucracy to proceed as it wishes without having to bother the electorates of the 27 member states on minor matters like the loss of sovereign powers: that is why the Treaty of Lisbon, like other treaties before it, is so reprehensible and so anti-democratic. Europe has been sovietised; and, like the old soviet experiment itself, is now realising that the consequence of pursuing an unrealistic ideal is political and economic bankruptcy.

I highly recommend the entire editorial for the refreshing candor of what has happened in Europe, what is happening, and what is about to happen.

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