Italy: Judges Threaten Strike Over Budget Cuts!

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen Judges go on strike before. First policeman in Romania, now Italian judges striking. From the direct newsfeed:

Italy’s judges on Monday threatened to go on strike after Italian president Giorgio Napolitano signed into law some 25 billion euros in budget cuts that include salary reductions for many civil servants. The measure aims to reduce the country’s deficit and follows similar moves by other members of the European Union.

Judges “are ready to strike,” said Luca Palamara, president of National Association of Magistrates, after meeting with a close aid to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, government under-secretary Gianni Letta.

“For the sake of being responsible, until now we put on hold any action, but now…we are ready to strike and even ready for other forms of protest that are alternatives to a strike.”

Not to worry, though. There are still the labor unions:

Italian union leaders last week also threatened a general strike.

Europe is in a fine mess right now. Anyone traveling there for the summer???


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