NY's Bloomberg Moves to Block Teachers’ Raises

The NYTimes is reporting (click here) that Mayor Bloomberg is making good on his threat to cut NY’s budget…sort of:

After warning of widespread teacher layoffs for months, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced Wednesday morning that the city would eliminate planned raises for all of its public-school teachers and principals for the next two years, which he said would “save the jobs of some 4,400 teachers.”

Then there is this quote immediately following:

“This was not an ideal decision and it certainly does not solve all our budget issues,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a statement, which was released after he notified Michael Mulgrew, the president of the United Federation of Teachers, about his decision. “In our conversation this morning, Michael Mulgrew and I agreed that we would go together to Albany and Washington to press our case to restore more education funding.”

You can’t make this stuff up. My standing question in life for the few years is why are the rich guys who buy the political office always the biggest wimps (think Arnold of California)? I mean, the reason they get elected is because the are supposed to be above it all because of their money. Yet, they are the ones who always cave.


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