Another CA FIRST!!! Story revisited

The late Illegal Alien Rabble-rouser

Well, things are getting curiouser and curiouser. I must admit that I missed a passing remark buried deep in a previous post. Towards the bottom of I missed this:

Tran, 27, was an undocumented immigrant pursuing a doctorate degree at Brown University at the time of her death. She was a leading member of the Dream Team, an activist group lobbying for the passage of the Dream Act, a bill that would provide certain protections for illegal immigrants living in the country, including giving access to scholarship money.

Undocumented immigrant…why can’t the ultra-right wing news agency Fox not able to write, “illegal alien”? Isn’t that actually more accurate?

Well, at least one congressman is ticked off enough to go on record to try and stop it:

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is incensed that Santa Ana College is establishing a scholarship for illegal immigrants. He has written a letter to the schools president saying if they proceed with this, their federal funding could be in jeopardy.

…Rohrabacher said while Trans death is tragic, channeling our scarce resources to illegal immigrants, even if they are students, is unforgivable at a time when so many of our citizens and legal residents are struggling to meet their own education needs.

Although I was ‘wrong’ in missing her being an illegal immigrant, I can also claim a victory of sorts. You see at the end of the prior post on this story I made a sarcastic reference to UCLA starting a scholarship for Pedophiles. Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but the joke turned out to be true in a way (for the story click here):

Tran, who was pursuing a doctorate in Brown University in Rhode Island , was herself an illegal immigrant in pursuit of U.S. citizenship. She was a student at Santa Ana College before transferring to UCLA.

I am so glad we taxpayers have Community colleges us taxpayer money for illegal immigrant scholarships and the State University system use highly coveted student slots for known illegals!

For the love of Pete, I can’t understand why the State of California is in a financial crisis. Can you? We need a committee to study this for about a decade.


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