Gallup poll shows top 6 issues Pro-Rep/Anti-Obama

New poll out by Gallup(full article) may be bad news for President Obama since the top two (2) items are his present weaknesses:

Terrorism and federal government debt tie as the most worrisome issues to Americans when they consider threats to the future wellbeing of the U.S. Four in 10 Americans call each an “extremely serious” threat, with healthcare costs ranking a close third.

The bad news for the President is that he is on the wrong end of all three issues. With terrorist acts including Fort Hood and Times Square; real unemployment still over 10%; and 70% of people not wanting his healthcare reform, Obama and the Democrats look to be very vulnerable going into the November elections. And time is running out to change the polls The electorate doesn’t look at the political issues during summer. Only if an issue supercedes the fun they have planned. In other words, ‘good’ falls on deaf ears. Only if something else happens thats ‘bad’ does it matter.


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