Say it ain't so…Squeeze Inn closed!

The now closed offending building. You can easily see how it got its name of Squeeze Inn

An old story is not old if you have just learned of it. I was just told today that Sacramento’s The Squeeze Inn had to close over a handicap lawsuit. If this doesn’t bring a beloved face to the idiocy of California’s treatment of business, I don’t know what will.

The owner of a tiny but famous Sacramento burger joint said a lawsuit about handicapped access could shut him down.

The Squeeze Inn, known for huge mounds of melted cheese on its burgers, violates the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the lawsuit alleges.

Why? Because a woman became offended:

Kimberly Block, who says she has severly limited use of her legs, argues she suffered “embarrassment and humiliation” and that her civil rights were violated because of inadequate access inside the Fruitridge Road restaurant.

Block cites several access issues at the Squeeze Inn, including no room to maneuver wheelchairs inside the restaurant, lack of accessible tables for the handicapped in both the inside and outside dining areas, no grab bars in the bathroom and uneven gravel surfaces outside.

The restaurant also lacks accessible parking spaces, according to the lawsuit.

Folks, we aren’t talking about a multi-million dollar restaurant. This is a hamburger stand!!! The owners rebuttle:

Travis Hausauer, owner of the Squeeze Inn, said he doesn’t have the time or the money to make the changes, and he said the lawsuit could shut him down.

Hausauer told KCRA 3 he has made the patio ADA compliant since last year because of another lawsuit, but he said it could take tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars to make the changes.

“It’s just not right — it’s called the Squeeze Inn because it’s small,” a longtime customer said.

SEE!!! Its name reflects its tiny building. And so The Inn closed. What next? The original Tommy’s location on Beverly and Rampart has to close? Does The Pantry on Figeroua have to find a key for the front door because of new security regulations from the City of Los Angeles?

I want/hope that someone investigates Kimberly Block for previous ADA lawsuits. If she thinks she was ’embarrassed’ before, maybe we Californians can help her see what real embarrassment is like.


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  1. […] The place where we ate, a new location, was very sterile and had none of the ambience the original establishment was purported to have because of its very small seating area. It was forced to close in 2010 when it could not meet the requirements of the ADA act. […]

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