A very rich mouse just roared!

Watch out! That thing can bite.

Who’s afraid of the big bad Prez, the big bad Prez? Well, apparently not the Swiss. In Swiss stand firm against Obama, Geithner, the future might be seen. But hey, remember what the election proved we would rather be liked (goood) than feared (baad):

The lower house of the Swiss parliament on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have paved the way for UBS to hand over the names of thousands of clients to U.S. tax authorities.

The bill had already been passed by the upper house, but was comfortably voted down in a 104-to-76 decision, according to Swiss media reports.

Without parliamentary approval a court has ruled that UBS /quotes/comstock/13*!ubs/quotes/nls/ubs (UBS 12.53, +0.08, +0.64%) /quotes/comstock/06p!ubsn (CH:UBSN 14.40, -0.32, -2.17%) can’t pass on the information on nearly 4,500 clients, who may have been involved in tax evasion.

President Obama throws around a lot of threats. See his comments about BP the last few days. However, for all but the ardent left-wing liberals, people have seen through the “crisp outer into the goughy center” and realize it is all just bluster:

If the U.S. doesn’t get those names soon it has threatened to take further action against Switzerland’s biggest bank.

If I were heading either BP or UBS, I would meet with the other and begin concerted talks with Tiny Tim, the boy prince of Treasurary. I would let him know that neither of the companies have to do business in the US. Normally this would not work. However, how many of you know or understand that Shell Oil is pulling out of direct business with the US? There are things going on behind the scenes that would put our entire country on anti-depressants. That is WHY it is so important for any future of this country to fire the Democrats and liberal CC Republicans. These companies have nothing to lose now. Life is like that when you are a debtor. You don’t have the power.


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