Super Primary Tuesday Here!

California's State Idiot - Babs Boxer

It is time to put up or shut-up. The citizens of this country finally get to really begin to show that they will take back this country. Between today and the first Tuesday in November, where the electorate votes on every member of congress, We The People must send a message that is unequivical. That common sense is back. Please vote to help this country out of the malaise it is in. This year is phase one. November, 2012 is D-day. If we have that long… has a good article on today’s elections.

In Nevada, home to endangered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a late primary season surge by a tea party-backed candidate is shaking up the Republican field. In California, Republicans are holding their breath to see if former H-P chief executive Carly Fiorina can maintain her strong lead and clinch her party’s nomination to face incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer in the fall.

In California, Fiorina’s win seems all but certain on Tuesday — though a win in November is another story in the largely blue state. It’s the same situation with former eBay Inc. chief executive Meg Whitman, who’s leading the field of Republican candidates for governor. See story about California elections.

Here’s to the defeat of the stupidest Senator of all time…Babs Boxer, the racist who kited 144 checks while in the US House of Representatives.


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