TIME laughably gives Obama Stimulus 3.25 GPA!

Never fear, America. Super Obama is HERE!!!

Never mind that the Obama Stimulus bill has universally been rated a disaster. NO! TIME Magazine, playing the Calvary (ironic that TIME would cast itself in a military role, eh?) rides to our President’s (playing the damsel in distress) rescue in “After One Year, a Stimulus Report Card”. Incredibly, TIME gives him these grades:

Build America Bonds: A
Because interest rates are low. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. Never mind how much the government spent to keep them low. Wasn’t it easy credit (re: low interest rates) the major cause of this little recession?

Fiscal Support for State Governments: A
Interesting [sarcasm], high government spending (& bailouts) gets an A

Extending Unemployment Benefits: B
Got that? Extending welfare benefits rates a high grade. Guess the Bill didn’t increase benies enough to get an A.

Home-Buyer Tax Credit: C
Universally derided as an absymal failure, these writers consider it neither a success nor a failure. In a word…incredible.

Infrastructure Spending (Government spending) Grade: D
Not enough was spent.

The writers even blatantly lie from the start:

Most agree that it has created jobs, and the government can specifically point to 600,000 of them
Most agree”? Who agrees? Name even one. Government can’t create one job. The most government can do is decide where a job will be created. The government has nothing to create a job with.

But what makes the bill’s success hard to judge is that it was oversold.

Get that? Hard to judge because it is oversold!

I think the lapdog Progressives at TIME are slipping. Afterall, this implies that Obama actually made a m-istake. SSSSHH! Don’t tell anybody.

Or this journalistic golden nuggett:

Another problem is that the bill included a huge jumble of programs. How do you evaluate the $10,090 of stimulus money that was spent in Ely, Nev., to build a fence to keep cattle off a highway? Drivers, and the cattle, most likely appreciate it, but did building that fence really stimulate the economy?

Didn’t they answer their question? So, I guess it wasn’t that hard to answer, eh?

Folks, this isn’t even partisan. This is just bad, no…terrible, writing.


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