62% say economy not at bottom yet

Do you hear that sucking sound, too?

A new poll by Citi has almost a supermajority of Americans thinking the economy is still on the way down. The survey says that 62% of Americans believe the economy hasn’t hit bottom yet:

Still think the economy has more sinking to do? You belong to a large club. A new Citi survey finds 62% of Americans think we have yet to see the worst for the economy. Jonathan Clements at Citi Personal Wealth Management tells MarketWatch News Break that even the wealthy are nervous. And a majority of us plan to stay home this summer due to our economic anxieties. Listen to MarketWatch News Break and grab money news you need to know.

Is that all? I am surprised that there are still a large portion of Americans who think the country is on the mend.

I am wondering if it is optimism or political partisanship? Combination of both?


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