Cali-furloughs are BACK!

...Starring in The Return of The Semi-Terminator!!! is where inquiring Californian minds are today as “Gov. Schwarzenegger reinstates worker furloughs

The details:

Facing a $19.1 billion state deficit and with no budget in place, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reinstated furloughs for state workers in an executive order declaring a fiscal emergency Wednesday.

Just how much does the State of California make on goofy revenue-generating driving tickets anyway?

The new furloughs call for state employees to take three unpaid days off a month, starting Aug. 1, until the state can enact a new budget or the state has enough cash on hand for the fiscal year. If no budget is in place, the latest projections show that California will run out of cash by October, he said.

“Our cash situation leaves me no choice but to once again furlough state workers until the legislature produces a budget I can sign,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

Not to worry though…the state’s large revenue generator, the CHP, is unaffected:

State firefighters and highway patrol officers are among the groups exempt from the furloughs. Revenue-generating agencies are also exempted, as are semi-public agencies that do not rely on general funds.


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