Obama to Gulf: Drop dead

Inquiring minds are reading The Washington Times editorial and realizing that the Gulf oil spill must not recede from the headlines without further attention to how President Obama continues to punish the actual victims. His Gulf of Mexico deep-water drilling moratorium is both unreasonable and unconscionable:

…Mr. Obama says the six-month ban on drilling is needed to buy time to investigate what caused the blowout, strengthen oversight and issue new regulations. This is nonsense. Copious investigation already has shown that a series of specific decisions and errors combined to cause the BP well to explode. Few details remain unanswered. Few if any new regulations are needed; the problem was in the failure to abide by existing regulations. Oversight at the Minerals Management Service (MMS) was extremely lax. It shouldn’t take six days, much less six months, to make MMS actually do its job.

Meanwhile, the detrimental effects of the moratorium are serious. “In its first six months, the moratorium could cost the Gulf Coast 8,169 jobs, $2.1 billion in economic activity and $98 million in state and local tax revenue”…

Just what the United States needs in this economic environment. But…

The indirect effects could be far worse, especially for the people of Louisiana who are still struggling to recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Ike and Gustav in 2008. The oil industry at least indirectly supports 320,000 jobs in the Pelican State alone, according to former Democratic Rep. Chris John, who now heads a Louisiana oil-and-gas association. And it’s not really unsafe. “We’ve drilled 42,000 wells in the Gulf of Mexico since 1947, including 2,500 in the deep water (more than 1,000 feet),” Mr. John said at a July 30 luncheon sponsored by the Pelican Institute think tank, “and this is the first time anything has happened.”

This really is an excellent article on how tragedy is used by the government to consolidate its power.


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