France May Force Insurance on Lost Autonomy

Inquiring minds are trying to figure out how France’s socialized healthcare system is somehow crumbling even though President Obama and others keep telling people that we just must believe them that “Government Knows Best!“:

Among the measures in the forthcoming reform of the French national insurance system, which begins its parliamentary journey on September 7, there is the possible introduction of an obligation to subscribe to “an insurance against the loss of autonomy linked to age”. So reports Le Figaro, which quoted a parliamentary report on dependence.

The issue, the paper explains, “is urgent”, given that by 2050, faced with an increase of around 10% in the French population, “the over-60s will increase by 50% and the over-75 s will double”. The inevitable consequence is the increase in spending on public services for help to those who are not independent, which today in France is already above 20 billion per year.

Puzzling…very puzzling. I know it’s a long shot…but, could President Obama be wrong?


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