Colorado Dem Michael Bennet First to Sream Reality

Inquiring minds are giving three cheers for Democrat Michael Bennet for saying what the citizens have been saying for quite some time:

“We Have a $13 Trillion Debt & Nothing to Show for it”

Here is the more complete quote:

Sen. Michael Bennet’s recent appearance in Greeley, Colorado is sure to set political tongues wagging–Bennet is quoted as saying that though trillions of dollars of Federal debt has been incurred through spending since he was appointed to the Senate in January of 2009, “we have nothing to show for it”:

Michael Bennet, D-Colo,at a town hall meeting in Greeley last Saturday, Aug 21 said we had nothing to show for the debt incurred by the stimulus package and other expenditures calling the recession the worst since the Great Depression. […]

Regarding spending during his time in office he said, “We have managed to acquire $13 trillion of debt on our balance sheet” and, “in my view we have nothing to show for it.”

Think about this for a minute if you haven’t fainted from reading this. Bennet is a liberal. Even HE says that the Government (close enough to his ‘we’. Let’s not quibble since he is so close) has spent way too much and has nothing to show for it!


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