Live! Glen Beck Awakening America?

Almost as unbelievably as TIME not using one Tea Party picture in thier Year-in-Review 2009 Issue, there are no available pictures of the crowds yet at the rally.

The crowds are HUGE at the Glen Beck “Restore Honor” Rally at the Lincoln Memorial:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Crowds trying to get to the National Mall for a rally organized by Fox News commentator Glenn Beck faced long lines trying to use the Washington subway system.

Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said Saturday that there was crowding at least a dozen stations, in particular stations coming from the suburbs into the city. She said that in the past organizers of large rallies have bought distributed rail passes in advance, but that apparently was not common this time.

The cameras of the mass media must be broken because there isn’t one picture on the web to be found. Hmmm…you don’t think the MSM is trying to change the story line, do you?

And don’t you just love the dig at the end about the organizers not doing what “others” have commonly done? And the sanctimonious MSM that thinks they are sooo professional, intelligent, and in-the-know.

WARNING to media: It is the original sin, Pride, that goeth before the fall.
Go look at your bottom lines and circulations.


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