Worthless Homes Where? ‘Centrally’ located

Inquiring minds are looking for the answer to just that question. And The Central Valley Business Times has the answer: Throughout The Central Valley…

Mortgages exceed home values across the Central Valley, with more than six out of ten homes in Stockton, for example, underwater, according to new reports Thursday from real estate information company CoreLogic Inc. of Santa Ana.

While Stockton is the deepest underwater market reported by CoreLogic, it has plenty of company.

The list of cities is more a role call:

Modesto 59.6% or 58,892 homes
Stockton 62.3% or 80,505 homes
Fresno 46.8% 71,850 homes
Metro Sacramento 43.4% 214,468 homes
Visalia-Porterville 44.8% 31,027 homes
Bakersfield-Delano 52.0% 79,891 homes

Maybe Pat Hill will change the FSU Bulldog’s helmet to green with a red ‘$’ on it instead of the green ‘V’.

For those who don’t know, Pat Hill began the green ‘V’ to show solidarity for the Valley farmers. Maybe it is time for the great coach to come to the aid of the Valley homeowner.


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