Half Live Off the State

Nothing left to defend

Inquiring minds are reading about how 50% of Portuguese Live Off the State:

MADRID, SEPTEMBER 6 – Half of Portugal’s 10 million citizens live off the State, including officers, pensioners, unemployed and those whose only revenue s from State subsidies, according to a report published today by Oporto’s daily paper ‘Jornal de Noticias’, quoted by the Efe agency. The 5 million Portuguese who depend on State money comprise 3.5 million pensioners, 352,000 unemployed who receive subsidies, 105,000 invalids and 390,000 who receive social insertion assistance that save them from poverty. This 50% of the population that survives thanks to the State represents the main item on the 2001 Financial Bill, which threatens to heat up political debate in the coming weeks. The government led by socialist Jose’ Socrates, in power since 2005 and who lost absolute majority last September, had to negotiate the austerity plan with the conservatives to slow down public debt and market distrust of the Portuguese economy, which is experiencing the worst crisis of the last 30 years.

Nice to see the future that the President and Congressional Democrats are taking us to. At least we will have plenty of recreational time.


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