Revealed by UK: Wind Farm Power Twice as Costly as Gas or Coal

who could possilby think these monstrosities look nice?

Inquiring minds are chuckling now after reading the Daily Mail article on the cost of wind power.

The true cost of Britain’s massive expansion of wind farms has been revealed.

It costs nearly twice as much to generate electricity from an offshore wind farm as it does from a conventional power station, a scientific report has concluded.

And while the price of wind power is expected to fall in the coming decade, the researchers admit there is a slight chance it could rise even further.

The study comes amid Britain’s ‘dash for wind’ — one of the biggest engineering projects of the last few decades.

Over the next ten years, the Government wants up to 10,000 new wind turbines to be built at sea and on land to meet tough climate change targets.

The report, from the UK Energy Research Centre — a Government funded academic think tank — said the costs of offshore wind power were underestimated in the mid-2000s.

Instead of costs falling as predicted, in the last five years the cost of buying and installing turbines and towers at sea has gone up by 51 per cent.

Once the bill for building and maintaining an offshore wind farm is spread over the 25-year lifespan of a typical farm, each kilowatt hour of electricity now costs 15p.

That’s nearly twice as expensive as electricity from conventional coal and gas power stations, which costs 8p a unit, and more than nuclear, which costs 10p a unit.

Anyone with any common sense knows this intuitionally. The very fact that “Wind Farm Power” needs subsidies means that it is more expensive. And there is no more money for subsidizing anything anymore.


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