Up next for Ireland? Rise in Sex Addiction!

It always starts off innocent enough.

“Poor Ireland” is what Inquiring minds are saying. What is next for the Emerald Isle? Rise in Sex addiction. Lord Have Mercy!!!

The number of people being treated for sex addiction and other addictive behaviour in Ireland has surged during the recession. Experts say thousands of Irish men particularly are using pornography to cope with stress and give them a sense of empowerment in their lives. Alcoholism, gambling and compulsive behavior is also on the rise Clinical practitioners believed that this is due to the people of Ireland finding ways to cope with street. Colin O’Driscoll , the Director of the private Forest treatment centre, in County Wicklow, said that the increase in pressures during recession was the cause of this increase. “I think there is a lead-in time so I don’t think we are seeing the level of sex addictions that are going to reveal themselves. I think we will see more over the years,” he said while speaking to the Sunday Tribune. “There are a few reasons; firstly (online porn) industries are marketing themselves very skillfully. The Internet is very new and 20 years ago this would have been an issue we wouldn’t be discussing. “You could almost call it aggressive marketing strategies. With Internet porn there are loads of pop-up ads and unsolicited emails come into your account.” O’Driscoll has also marked an increase in the number of people seeking professional help for compulsions such as gambling, eating and alcohol. He believes that all of these are bolstered by marketing tactics.

Forget about all the other problems. Ireland must find a solution immediately!


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  1. What happened to Ireland? Not too many years ago, they were the bright light in Europe. They lowered business taxes, companies moved in, the economy grew.

    Is it just that there’s no way out? no matter what anybody does, its all over?

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