Britain: 1 in 8 Adults Live in House Where No One Works

Inquiring minds once again have eyes afixed to Great Britain where more depressing economic news is released:

Britain was last night exposed as the jobless capital of Europe, with one in eight adults living in a house where no one is in work.

As the Government prepares a clampdown on benefits scroungers, a league table revealed that a greater proportion of people in the UK are in jobless households than in any other European country.

And separate analysis has found that in the worst ghettos of worklessness, as many as 84 per cent are on welfare.

The devastating reports paint a terrifying picture of the true extent of ‘ Shameless Britain’, in which millions grow up in a culture of dependency where work does not pay. The Government will this week lay out new plans to tackle this welfare dependency, by launching a crackdown on incapacity benefit scroungers.

Considering all the bad news that has come out in the last week or two, one must ask whether Great Britain passed the point of no return?


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