Homelessness, Inc.

The true losers of the Progressives agenda...The Homeless!

Inquiring minds are dumbfounded after reading about the homelessness problem of San Francisco. A very good friend of Surviving California, Gates of Vienna’s Dymphna, sent me this incredible article from the City Journal, “The Sidewalks of San Francisco” illuminates so much that is wrong with the leftist/Progressive agenda:

The homelessness industry has pulled off some impressive feats of rebranding over the years—most notably, turning street vagrancy into a consequence of unaffordable housing, rather than of addiction and mental illness. But for sheer audacity, nothing tops the alchemy that homelessness advocates and their government sponsors are currently attempting in San Francisco. The sidewalks of the Haight-Ashbury district have been colonized by aggressive, migratory youths who travel up and down the West Coast panhandling for drug and booze money. Homelessness, Inc. is trying to portray these voluntary vagabonds as the latest victims of inadequate government housing programs, hoping to defeat an ordinance against sitting and lying on public sidewalks that the Haight community has generated.

The Progressives always try to portray themselves as stalwarts keeping their victims safe from vague ‘business interests’. However, as shown below, they are just enabling mixed-up youth to dye on the streets:

Four filthy targets of Homelessness, Inc.’s current relabeling effort sprawl across the sidewalk on Haight Street, accosting pedestrians. “Can you spare some change and shit? Will you take me home with you?” Cory, a slender, dark-haired young man from Ventura, California, cockily asks passersby. “Dude, do you have any food?” His two female companions, Zombie and Eeyore, swig from a bottle of pricey Tejava tea and pass a smoke while lying on a blanket surrounded by a fortress of backpacks, bedrolls, and scrawled signs asking for money. Vincent, a fourth “traveler,” as the Haight Street punks call themselves, stares dully into space. All four sport bandannas around their necks—to ward off freight-train exhaust as they pass through tunnels, they explain—as well as biker’s gloves and a large assortment of tattoos and metal hardware. The girls wear necklaces and bracelets of plastic disks and other hip found objects; their baggy tank tops and stockings are stylishly torn.

A petite Asian woman passes the group and smilingly hands Cory the remains of a submarine sandwich. Suddenly, all four are on their feet, tearing at the sub. As Zombie stuffs the bread into her mouth, partly chewed chunks fall back out onto the ground.

Author Heather Mac Donald does a masterful job of showing how total freedom becomes license and entitlement, most probably ruining any chance for these youths to ever having a normal life:

The defining characteristic of all these “travelers” seems to be an acute sense of entitlement. “If you can afford this shit on Haight Street, then goddamn, you can probably afford to kick down $20 [to a panhandler] and it won’t fucking hurt your wallet,” a smooth-faced blond boy from Spartanburg, South Carolina, defiantly tells the camera in The Haight Street Kids, a documentary by Stanford University’s art department. I ask the group on the blanket: Why should people give you money? “They got a dollar and I don’t,” Cory replies. Why don’t you work? “We do work,” retorts Eeyore. “I carry around this heavy backpack. We wake up at 7 AM and work all day. It’s hard work.” She’s referring to begging and drinking. She adds judiciously: “Okay, my liver hates me, but I like the idea of street performance. We’re trying to get a dollar for beer.” More specifically, they’re aiming for two Millers and a Colt 45 at the moment, explains Zombie. Aren’t you embarrassed to be begging? “I’m not begging, I’m just asking for money,” Cory says, seemingly convinced of the difference. How much do you make? “In San Francisco, you don’t get much—maybe $30 to $40 a day,” says Eeyore. “When you’re traveling, you can make about $100 on freeway off-ramps.”

Not that this is costing much:

A fire truck drives up to take the two drunks to the city’s free detox center; 80 percent of the fire department’s runs are devoted to picking up drunks or providing other emergency services, at huge taxpayer expense.[SC.com editor’s bolding] Sometimes the officers themselves provide the rides to the detox center or a hospital. “We’re like paramedics,” observes Green. “C’mon, Joe, your ride’s here,” Saenz says encouragingly. “Give it your best!”

80% of how much though?

Leaving aside the eternal irrelevance of “affordable housing” to the Haight gutter punks, the notion that San Francisco has been stiffing welfare spending in favor of fire and police is ludicrous. In the 2009 fiscal year, the city spent $175 million on homelessness, compared with a $442 million police budget. That’s $26,865 in services for each of the city’s 6,514 “homeless” persons, the majority of whom are housed in city-subsidized lodgings, compared with $52 per San Franciscan on police protection. (Including such indirect services for the homeless as paramedic calls and psychiatric services for inmates would bring the per-capita rate much higher.) The rest of San Francisco’s massive social-services spending, including health care and welfare, was nearly $3 billion in 2009, compared with a combined police and fire budget of $720 million. (The fire department could, in any case, be considered part of the city’s service empire, since most of its runs are for non-fire-related emergency services, often for passed-out vagrants.)

The entire article is an incredible read. It is long for a magazine article but it is definitely worth the time invested. And on so many levels. But most of all, sadness – for the youths being led down this primrose path to their own little Bay Area Hell. And, as usual, the victim completely underestimates the true price they are paying for the selling of their soul.

Where is the decency of actually looking out for your fellow man. For youths that don’t fully comprehend the consequences of their actions?


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  1. Hope the gov’t wakes up and utilizes the Fema camps….

  2. If you don’t like it, move to Texas.

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