Is Boxer REALLY Leading Fiorina?

Owner of the lowest IQ ever for a US Senator...and that is saying something!

Inquiring minds aren’t so sure. After looking over the data at Real Clear Politics an interesting anomaly was noticed:

Poll Date Sample Boxer (D) Fiorina (R) Spread
RCP Average 9/24 – 10/4 49.0 44.0 Boxer +5.0
Reuters/Ipsos 10/2 – 10/4 448 49 45 Boxer +4
Rasmussen Reports 10/3 – 10/3 49 45 Boxer +4
SurveyUSA 9/30 – 10/3 670 46 43 Boxer +3
CNN/Time 9/24 – 9/28 786 52 43 Boxer +9

First take the RCP Average out.

Then notice that all but one are within the margin of error with the exception of the CNN poll (notoriously liberal) which has Boxer up inexplicably by more than twice what any other poll has. And then look at the previous CNN poll:

CNN/Time 9/2 – 9/7 48 44 Boxer +4

In fact, the only polls showing Boxer with a solid lead are the liberal-leaning ones: Field, CNN, LA Times, and PPIC.

Several polls have Fiorina down by 2 percent or less.

When this is taken into account with all the voter anger this year and that the primaries showed respondents had lied to the pollsters…the accuracy of these polls needs to be questioned.

Could it be that on election night we find out the voters themselves have slanted the results leftward?


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