Thousands of Workers ‘Imported’ Despite Job Crisis

Go home?!?!? This is now being posted in IRELAND!!!

Inquiring minds found out that it isn’t California being talked about, it is…Ireland. The workers are being imported to Ireland:

EMPLOYERS are importing thousands of workers for ordinary jobs from outside the EU, despite record unemployment levels here.

The number of non-EU workers being hired has surged to more than 6,600 so far this year, new figures show.

Workers from outside Ireland and the EU are being hired for jobs on farms, in hotels, restaurants, bars, nursing homes, takeaways, insurance companies, pharmacies and leisure centres.

A large number of the workers are also employed in nursing homes, with permits also issued for workers in guesthouses.

The surge in numbers comes despite rules that insist companies can only hire overseas if they can’t get the staff at home or in the EU. The number of people signing on the dole here is just under 450,000.

Why? Newflash!!! Employers hiring the lower priced worker!
(not exactly man bites dog, eh)

The figures will raise serious questions about why companies are so desperate for foreign workers — and whether it is because they are often cheaper and non-unionised.

There are also restrictions on hiring lower-paid workers. But they do not seem to be preventing employers hiring staff in industries where wages are relatively low.

So, what IS a newsflash?

That we are only talking about 6000 workers per year. And 450,000 are on the dole.

Ireland needs to stop worrying about the mice and start noticing the elephants.

If Irish workers were better than they would be hired.


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  1. As an ex employer from England, out of 30 or so staff I tried to employ over 15 years or so the only one with skills, decent mindset and good work ethic was on a year work permit from Australia, the socialists and EU (but I repeat myself) have dismantled any work ethic, drive and worker honesty out of most people below 50, have a look on EU referendum at the same problem in England, short answer lefties make bad workers.

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