US Senate Race: Statistical Dead Heat!

Boxer on the ropes?

Inquiring minds are watching the narrowing of California’s US Senate race. Carly Fiorina has pulle to within 2.3% which is well within the 3% margin of error. And it appears Fiorina has the momentum. With 17 days left Real Clear Politics has the race narrowing quickly.

Maybe the most significant poll result by RCP is that Barbara Boxer fails to reach 50% support on any poll with the average being a very low 47%.

Why is this so significant? Well, when an incumbent has been in office for 18 years people who are going to vote for that candidate already know they are going to do so. In other words, the undecided have decided even if they don’t think so. In this type of race, the undecided will break sharply and overwhelmingly for the challanger. In this case Carly Fiorina.


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