Looney Tunes (Politics), INC

Inquiring minds are seeing a rather lurid pattern. It must show that Democrats have run out of…no, not facts. They ran out of those years ago! No, insults. You know, insults like calling Republican candidates fat or a whore. Now they are accusing Republican candidates of strange atrocities from years ago. Or worse!

Rand Paul in Kentucky is accused by his Dem opponent Jack Conway of kidnapping and anti-Christian behavior…while Mr. Paul was a student at Baylor University! Oh, and let us not forget that Mr. Conway actually questioned Mr. Paul’s Christianity, too.

Meg Whitman, Republican gubenatorial candidate is accused of hiring an illegal alien…even though it was through an agency and Ms. Whitman fired her soon after learning of her status. Never mind that Whitman’s opponent Dem. Jerry Brown (so strange he was nicknamed “Moonbeam”) called her a whore and gave the state the only Supreme Court Justice ever recalled. In fact, all three he appointed were recalled.

Massachusetts Congressional candidate Sean Bielat was attacked verbally by Barney Franks’ live in boyfriend while Bielat was speaking to a group of reporters. Yet, Frank’s boyfriend ran a homosexual brothel out of Franks’ home. And Frank himself was fixing the parking tickets of the johns!

New York Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino was verbally assaulted by a ‘reporter’ who was anything but unbiased. Remember the ‘journalist’ had stalked Paladino’s 10 yr. old daughter and had a photographer peep in on her as she got ready for her first dance. Voters just need that photo a ‘journalist’ gets by putting the camera up to a 10 yr. old girls window. You just never know what she might be hiding. An interesting sidenote: The liberal wikipedia.com website just happens to not list the daughter’s age. Afterall, that certainly isn’t germain, is it?

In Florida, congressman Alan Grayson and his campaign tightly cut video from a church service to show how ‘evil’ his opponent is. They called Republican Dan Webster the “American Taliban”. Unfortunately for Grayson, almost immediately the entire video was shown where Mr. Webster was actually telling the men in the congregation to support wives.

Nikki Haley South Carolina candidate for governor is not a Christian according to “The Left”. Can anybody explain “The Left’s” preoccupation with religion? We get it…you guys don’t believe.

Ken Buck, Republican candidate for US Senate is in trouble for say, “guess you can choose who your partner is.” and upsetting the homosexual lobby. They are so emotional, aren’t they?

And then there is Christine O’Donnell. We are supposed to not like her because one afternoon she did something in high school that many kids do…look into the occult. OMG!!! However, her opponent Chris Coons wrote an article stating the he considered himself a socialist and that he received a poor education at Amherst. Poor boy.

So…are Republicans are bad, evil people. Or are Republicans just the most unlucky group in the world to have elected such terrible people in the primaries? Or maybe…could it be that a biased press only sees one side?

Oh…almost forgot. Sarah Palin. Not that Ms. Palin’s faith, or that of her family, has ever been questioned. But just yesterday she mentioned “1773” and the left whooped it up. They couldn’t stop laughing because everybody knows that the only year anything happened worth noting occurred in 1776, right?

Then “The Left” was reminded that Sarah was talking to Tea Partiers and then they were shown the Boston Tea Party was in 1773. Nothing like the ignorant left (sorry to be redundent) being unmasked. Even if it is getting to be daily occurance.

Has ‘The Left’ lost it?

13 days and counting…


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