Doomsday For Dems? Minority Goes Conservative

Inquiring minds are looking at PJTV’s article by Chris Salcedo where the title say it all “Latinos Go Conservative”. The president’s pandering and fear mongering are not working, and members of the nation’s fastest growing demographic are rapidly turning away from his socialist policies:

As if the White House didn’t have enough to worry about, a recent Gallup poll piled on bad news for President Obama. At the beginning of 2010 the president enjoyed support from 69% of Hispanics. By May that number was down to 57%. Now just 55% of Hispanics support the president and his liberal agenda. This news by itself is devastating to the Democrats’ prospects in the 2010 midterm elections.

This shows Obama's plunge.

What is going on behind these numbers could possibly be a precursor of Obama’s re-election in 2012 and shows that Republicans may have stumbled upon the ultimate wedge issue:

…the country conservative Latino organizations are springing up as fast as illegal immigrants are streaming across the border. And these organizations are not content to just conduct meetings and complain about the liberal takeover in Washington. Some are taking action. In Dallas, Amigos de Patriots is launching an online and TV ad campaign called “Vote your Values, Vote Conservative.” The idea is to remind Hispanics that their ancestors fled countries where prosperity was killed by left-wing regimes. The 30-second spots also take on social issues like abortion, a practice that is dear to liberals and Democrats but that the Latino community at large finds offensive.


Another organization is the Conservative Hispanic Society (CHS). This group boasts thousands of paid members in nearly all 50 states, and its recent campaigns have urged Latinos to “Vote Your Values.” The reasoning is that Hispanics are conservative on many issues.


The CHS has endorsed Pastor Stephen Broden, an African American, in the 30th Congressional District race in Texas. He’s trying to unseat liberal Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is embroiled in a scholarship scandal. The CHS has also endorsed Sharron Angle in Nevada. The group event called Angle’s opponent “racial Reid.” That was a reaction to a recent comment from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

Got that? If you are Hispanic you, then the Democrats expect you to stay on the plantation…just like African-Americans. Isn’t that a bit racist?


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