Plunging CA Govt Revenues Means Job Cuts

Inquiring minds are seeing red in California. Plunging revenues in all levels of government throughout The (formerly) Golden State are sending shockwaves through bureaucratic offices everywhere:

government agencies in California shed 37,300 workers last month — more jobs than were lost in the private sector — as cities and counties made their biggest payroll cutbacks since at least 1990.

What’s more, analysts see more job cuts ahead as California faces an estimated $10-billion shortfall in the state budget that the next governor must address. Cities and counties, meanwhile, are still struggling with tepid sales and property tax revenue.

“Local governments are adopting austerity measures,” said Jerry Nickelsburg, an economist with the UCLA Anderson Forecast. “They don’t have confidence that they’re going to get money to do otherwise.”

How are people continuing to have confidence in Democrats and their programs:

Joe Galvez, 43, was hit with a double dose of government cuts. He lost his job with the Los Angeles County Public Works Department in 2007 and hasn’t been able to find steady work since. And, he said his son’s high school is so strapped for funding that it has asked parents to donate money for school supplies.

“It’s gotten so bad that schools are reaching out to the parents,” said Galvez, a single father of three who collects scrap so he can come up with rent for the family’s Baldwin Park home. “It’s bad, man.”

The horse is dead. There is more, much more to the article…but why?

What is truyly amazing is that the good people of Califonia have not learned that the troubles of their state might be blamed on one party. Can anyone actually come up with an argument for The Left’s party?

Do you think this is overstating the matter? Just remember, that California is just about to elect Democrats as Governor, US Senator. The state legislature is heavily weighted to The Left. It looks like the state is about to return every Democrat Congressperson except one. That’s right! California…a state run by Democrats for pretty much the last 40 years, is going to continue to send the same party back to govern them. So much for all those jokes about New Jersey…Californian’s will be the subject from next Tuesday on.

BTW, does anybody know a good definition of ‘insanity’?


2 Responses

  1. Yes you just wrote it. As clinicaly insane should they be allowed to vote, is it even legal?

  2. thanks for your comment. And the validation.

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