Note to CA: Add Michigan to List! (updated – Chicago, too!)

Maybe these Detroit houses show why Bill Clinton isn't the BIG draw he used to be.

Inquiring minds are noticing even Michigan has ‘gotten it’! From The Detroit News article, “When Clinton fails to excite…“, Dems aren’t even showing up for Bill Clinton in Motown:

One can only imagine the outrage of the former president after walking into a high school auditorium that was supposed to be full of adoring fans and seeing fewer than 1,000 people in the seats. Surely someone suffered the wrath for not lining up an adequate number of seat warmers.

After all, people with big egos — and Clinton excels in self-confidence and self-importance — expect that when they show up, people will be there to lavish praise upon them, or at least pretend.

As it turns out, it was Virg Bernero and a few friends. Ouch.

What happened? Clinton was speaking in Detroit, which is supposedly his and the Democrats’ core and doing so in Michigan, aka Unionville, U.S.A. Liberals don’t get that kind of two-fer very often.

Has America’s “first black president,” as author Toni Morrison pegged Clinton in 1998, lost his Motor City mojo? Are Democrats so divided that not even Big Bill can bring them to the house?

“It was like a person on his deathbed getting a visit from his idol for five to 10 minutes,” Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo told the Michigan Information & Research Service. “He couldn’t do anything. It’s too late.”

Indeed, and thankfully so.

Most pictures from the event didn’t show the empty auditorium and lost were delicious details like the mad dash to move people into a crowd to make it seem more substantial.

That last paragraph is just precious. As if the MSM would ever ‘dis’ their boy, Bill Clinton, by showing a small crowd.

California, are you LISTENING? Michigan adds itself to the growing list of states fed up with liberal democrat rule. And, apparently are quicker on the uptake than The (formerly) Golden State.

New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, (and maybe West Virginia) welcome Michigan to the club.

Please, wake up my dear state.

UPDATE: Bill Clinton’s campaign trail woes continue.

Dem supportes leaving Clinton rally as Mr. Clinton is still 'droning on'.

WSL-AM890 is reporting that the crowd began to leave as “Clinton droned on.”:

CHICAGO (WLS) – Former President Bill Clinton’s ‘get out the vote’ rally for Democrats at a downtown Chicago hotel was the most unenthusiastic WLS veteran political reporter Bill Cameron has ever witnessed.

Clinton was an hour late for the Tuesday afternoon rally at the Palmer House and droned on for another hour, sending dozens of the few hundred Democrats in attendance for the exits [SC editor: may these attendees actually had ‘real’ jobs they needed to return to].

Add President Obama’s adopted hometown as a place where people are fed up with his Progressive idealogy? Looks like it.


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