Pravda: Obama ignores border war, allows illegal Mexicans to vote

Our fearless leader!

Inquiring minds are chuckling over the juxtaposition from Pravda article “Obama ignores border war…“. Whoever thought that Russia would criticize a US President for not being tough enough on Mexico?

Thousands have died from the drug war along the American/Mexican border. My Mexican friend Carlos Lopez was killed by two Mexican nationals. He was shot in the back of the head. These cowards were illegally in the U.S.. Recently, Tiffany Hartley demanded increased security on the border since her husband was also killed. Surprisingly, liberal ABC news Kevin Dolak and others at least reported the Hartley story.
“Tiffany Hartley, whose husband was shot while the two were fleeing from Mexican pirates on jet skis earlier this month, said the attack should be an example for President Obama on the need for more border security.”

“He should wake up and look at what’s going on in our backyard,” Hartley said, referring to the pirates that attacked her and her and her husband on Falcon Lake at the Texas-Mexico border.”

What must really hurt Mr. Obama (and make others speechless) is the next paragraph:

[bold below is added by SC editor]

Unfortunately for America, Obama doesn’t care. Hartley was not the first or will be the last casualty.Soros wants open borders so Obama can have his votes to keep his power. Obama doesn’t care about my friend Lopez and his wife. He doesn’t care about Hartley or any American that gets murdered, raped or enslaved. If Obama secured the border than less Mexicans can illegally come to America. Mexicans are votes which means money and power to Soros and his idiot American president.

Obama the lawyer can only bring lawsuits against the most bloodiest state in America, Arizona who is trying to protect its blood soaked border.

Story by true journalist Ben Johnson:

“the Justice Department sued Arizona and Gov. Jan Brewer (R) over the state’s new immigration law,”

“The Washington Post reports today that Eric Holder is threatening to sue America’s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio if the sheriff does not help the administration continue a second frivolous lawsuit against him”

What’s next criticizing the Obama administration for being too soft on Cuba?

The entire commentary is well worth the time to read it in its entirety.


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