BREAKING! Another TV station caught…Now its Delaware!

Inquiring minds are left with mouths agape today trying to figure out how anyone can vote for almost any Democrat tomorrow. After yesterday’s voicemail with ‘reporters’ from the CBS affiliate, or today’s just announced trouble with the Delaware TV station not running a paid ad of Christine O’Donnell. Not once, but TWICE!!! And it is a 30 minute program!

(Sorry no link yet!)

Where is the tipping point where the American people just, “We walk” and vote Republican out of principle. Are we there? Just how much veracity has the MSM media lost over this last campaign cycle?

How do you not run a 30 minute program once, let alone twice?

To quote Bobby Knight to a sportswriter: “Most people learn how to write in the second grade and move on to greater things. What’s your excuse?”

Come on America!

Take your country back.


Here is a link to this story here :

You can call it an “oops” an “oh no!“ or a ”someone’s going to get fired,” but Christine O’Donnell has her own theory as to why a local TV station in Delaware did not air her new documentary-style campaign video this morning, scheduled for 10 am.

“Dirty politics again?” O’Donnell tweeted in response to the news. “I‘d like to think the county run station really did just ’forget’ even though we reminded them this morning.”


A quick trip over to Channel 28′s website seems to confirm that hunch. As of the writing of this story, the station’s live stream featured the O’Donnell video, over an hour-and-a-half later than when it was scheduled to air…”


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