Brown II, No Boxing Day

Beam me Scotty. There's no intelligent life here!

Inquiring minds are stunned that California has down what many people thought was impossible.

So, Brown and Boxer won.

Brown was the biggest goofball of a disaster of all time. Hence the moniker “Governor Moonbeam”. Well, California, you have him again. Property taxes (and other taxes) will go up. He isn’t going to exactly cut spending.

It is unbelievable that a man so disgraced that the populace rose up and recalled his three appointments to the State Supreme Court. He admitted to lying on TV about having solutions to the problems facing the state.

But California wants him back. And in America, you get the government you deserve.

As for Boxer, this correspondent was at A&M records the night before she was elected to the Senate in 1992. It was embarrassing to say the least. She was, and is, the dumbest politician in the last generation. That is why, in 18 years she has not had any significant legislation pass with her name as a sponsor. That is why her legacy moment, to date, is insulting two people: a general by not knowing the correct protocol (after 16 years in the Senate) to address someone and an African-American who was not staying on the Democrat Plantation.

Good luck California…you are going to need every bit of it.


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