Our Dearly Departed Californian Brethern

Inquiring minds are on CalWatchdog Blog this morning as John Seiler writes an incisive piece on yesterday’s election. One of the best political writers in The (formerly) Golden State, John gives a perspective rarely seen…logical, factual, and common-sensical. A sample:

If 2 million Republicans still were in the state, instead of elsewhere, the Republicans would be triumphing here much as they are throughout the country.

Brown’s victory will continue to drive mostly Republicans from the state. Perhaps Meg Whitman would have, too, if she had become governor. The state’s anti-business climate is just too severe for serious jobs creation — except in a few industries in the high-tech sector, such as Silicon Valley (although Apple just located its new server farm in North Carolina); or in the “clean” industries favored by AB32 and other environmental laws and regulations.

Reading the entire article is highly recommended.


One Response

  1. California cannot save itself. Seriously! The federal government may bail out California (which in any sane world would cause a run on tar and feathers) but they could not fix the underlying problems. What we are witnessing is the money grubbing unions and special interests grabbing at straws. I am happy Brown won and I cannot think of a better choice then an old greyhaired hippy for governor of California as it sinks into bankruptcy.

    Think about this; about 2/3rds of Americans eligible to vote didn’t bother. Of those who did bother about half nationwide voted for Democrats. Do you really think Americans are angry enough and informed enough to do the things (the tough things) that must be done to turn this thing around? Clearly we are not. We haven’t suffered enough. After 11 years of the great depression Americans probably had suffered enough but in this depression after 99 weeks of vacation, oops, I mean unemployment no one is really suffering.
    My prediction is that the Republicans will do what they do best; compromise. And the Democrats will do what they do best; tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend. So in 2012 the Our debt will have skyrocketed, our money will be worth less (and worthless) and the Republicans will have compromised everything away. The election of 2012 will be split three ways (which is what gave us Clinton in 1992) and we will get politicians who are supported by the largest special interest groups (the unions). We are so screwed…

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