The (Formerly) ‘Golden State’ Still Doesn’t Get It

Is that Nancy Pelosi in the background giving the one fingered salute?

Inquiring minds around California are looking at how this has been building for decades. But, despite the horrendous track record, Democrats in this election not only won six of the state’s seven top jobs and extended their hold over the state legislature, too. California still just doesn’t get it.

In 1994 the GOP won about 440 seats in statehouses nationwide. On Tuesday, unbelievably, the GOP gained a record 680 seats in statehouses around the county.

In California…none.

“Democrats had a 13-point party identification advantage among California voters, compared with an even split nationwide,” wrote Jack Pitney, a professor at Claremont McKenna College, on the National Review’s blog. “California voters approved of President Obama’s performance by a 10-point margin, whereas the national electorate disapproved by nine points.

“It’s a different kind of state,” he said. That may be the understatement of 2010.

One demographic jumps out:

A large part of the state’s Democratic tilt comes from its massive Latino population. The Los Angeles Times noted that it made up 22% of the voting pool, “a record tally that mortally wounded many Republicans.”

Indeed, Latinos went for Democrats by 2-to-1 ā€” perhaps ending the naive idea of some in the GOP of a New Majority built on the burgeoning Latino population.

But the real political problem lies in Sacramento, the state capital, which is run not so much by politicians as by the unions they’ve sold out to ā€” state employees, nurses, teachers and prison guards.

For their part, politicians have largely ignored the state’s crumbling infrastructure, failing schools and dismal job market. And it’s about to get worse.

With a Republican congress, is anyone going to actually be surprised when California get ZIP in Federal funds? Political payback? Maybe. But where has The (Formerly) Golden State shown to be even a glimpse of ‘getting it’?

That’s right…we haven’t.

Will it end with a bang…or a whimper?


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