Save the SEALS

Inquiring minds are upon Coronado Island in San Diego where the Political Correctness crowd pushes the best fighting force in the world to be more “diverse”:

Now this strikes me as troubling. The Navy SEALS are embarking on a targeted campaign to recruit more minority candidates, reports the Navy Times. Apparently some are concerned because “minority representation” is below the national average. The Naval Special Warfare Command has hired three diversity consultants to help them attract more minorities…

The only reason for changing recruiting standards is to increase the ability of the SEALS. But this would do nothing of the sort:

This is really a numbers game. Because the percentage of minorities in the SEALS is slightly below their representation in the population as a whole, some are troubled, reports the Navy Times. But this simply means people are making individual choices. Its not about racism. Numerical disparities alone mean nothing.

So there in no military purpose behind all this. When people’s lives and a country’s well being are at stake, diversity can only mean ‘less’…as in ‘less’ effective; and ‘more’ as in ‘more’ dangerous. And America will not allow itself to be put in even more danger than it already is by the America-is-always-wrong crowd.

Save meritocracy…save the SEALS!


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