Great Britain on the Ropes…or Awaiting its Own Funeral

Inquiring minds are remembering tonight the moment where Great Britain stood naked in front of the world. It was a couple of years ago when Jimmy Rodgers replied to his British TV reporter’s question about Britain’s future. The irrepressible Rodgers blurted out something like, “Britain is done. Your country doesn’t make anything anymore that anyone wants to buy.” The reporter didn’t know what to say. He tried to mount a defense but couldn’t because Rodgers had said what the world had known for years.

One might say that is when the hatchet came down to sever the head from Britain’s body…and the country has been running around ever since, not realizing it is dead.

And oh, how those chickens have run ’round in circles, but the music has stopped and several ‘chairs’ are missing:

The coalition unveiled plans Thursday to stop handouts for up to three years to jobless who refuse work, in the biggest shake-up in the history of the welfare state, a day after violent protests rocked London.

The government also plans a “universal credit” instead of the current complex system of separate benefit payments as part of reforms aimed at cutting Britain’s huge deficit.

The government showed its hand with regard to how dire the situation is by the unpresidented power sharing by Cameron and Clegg. This has allowed them to have a unified front for extreme cuts in welfare spending:

Welfare was one of the areas hit hard by the deepest public spending cuts in decades announced last month. The government is trying to slash a record deficit of 154.7 billion pounds inherited from the last Labour administration.

Education is also being hit, with Wednesday’s violence from a small group of students during an otherwise peaceful march by up to 50,000 people showing the anger at the government’s plans to increase university tuition fees to a maximum of 9,000 pounds a year.

But Britain’s enemies…the enemies of civilization, are rising from the mud to show themselves:

More than 50,000 students, lecturers and supporters marched through London Wednesday against plans to raise the cost of studying at a university to up to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) a year – three times the current rate – in the largest street protest yet against the government’s sweeping austerity measures.

Hundreds of demonstrators scuffled with police and burned placards outside Conservative headquarters as dozens stormed the lobby, scattering furniture, spraying graffiti and chanting.

So violence has already happened. And for what ‘great’ liberating principle? Why, to live off of others, of course. And when the Leftists realized that it wasn’t going to happen, as usual (but contrary to popular myth) it was the Leftist Progressives attacking Conservatives:

A wing of the protest turned violent as around 200 people stormed 30 Millbank, the central London building that is home to Tory HQ, where police wielding batons clashed with a crowd hurling placard sticks, eggs and some bottles. Demonstrators shattered windows and waved anarchist flags from the roof of the building, while masked activists traded punches with police to chants of “Tory scum”.

Police conceded that they had failed to anticipate the level of violence from protesters who trashed the lobby of the Millbank building. Missiles including a fire extinguisher were thrown from the roof and clashes saw 14 people – a mix of officers and protesters – taken to hospital and 35 arrests.

The winter appears to be heating up…but Global warming is not the cause.


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  1. There is a bigger disaster looming, the only real income Britain has is its so called “London Business” and that is being legislated away by the EU with a bunch of restrictive rules, so expect the banking and insurance money to go outside europe now, and the tax havens of the Isle of Man and the channel islands have been killed the poor old place is going down, that is why I ran away 2 years ago.

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