How Do California and the Titanic Differ? Hmmm?….

Inquiring minds are attempting to answer the above riddle put forth by the Dennis Prager in his article for Real Clear Poliitcs. Mr. Prager brings us to an interesting metaphysical intersection of California and a very famous spot in the North Atlantic as he recalls what happened to him:

A listener called my radio show two days after the elections to tell me that his business is booming — thanks to Californians. His occupation? He’s a real estate agent in Phoenix, Ariz.

The middle class has begun to leave California. It is, of course, impossible for most members of such a large group to leave a state; few people leave their family, their friends, their job and their home except under the most dramatic circumstances. But this fact makes all the more noteworthy the exodus from California that has been taking place.

Mr. Prager brings up very important points:

You have to wonder how many businesses and individuals would leave California if their friends and family could also leave, if they could find a comparable job elsewhere and if they could sell their homes without losing money. What you don’t have to wonder about is who would stay under those conditions. The state of California would eventually be left largely with those groups who voted Democrat in this election: rich liberals (such as those who live in Nancy Pelosi’s Marin County, in the bay area and in West Los Angeles); state and municipal workers (who vote Democrat in as direct a pay-for-vote scheme as a law-based society allows); those who rely on state and city governments for entitlements; and those Latinos who either fall into the last category or who unfortunately identify the Republican Party with anti-Latino sentiments because it opposes illegal immigration.

Those who believe in individual responsibility, the free market and personal liberty are a minority in California. We greet each other as Americans would greet each other meeting in a foreign country.[SC editor’s bolding]

Mr. Prager then clearly states the irony of it all:

We watch as one of the greatest places in the world — with its extraordinary natural beauty, almost uniquely beautiful weather and agricultural abundance — wastes all of this as a result of having become a left-wing experiment. What is particularly saddening is to see a state whose success was achieved because it was a Mecca for the adventurous in spirit do everything possible to crush that spirit and drive away those who have it.

Says it all doesn’t it? It is truly horrifying when a society commit suicide. Make no mistake about it. California is doing just that.

How is California and the Titanic different? Mr. Prager yield’s just two weak points:

To return to our Titanic metaphor, the great difference between that ill-fated ship’s crew and California’s crew (its voters and the California Democratic Party) is that the Titanic’s crew did everything possible to avoid hitting the iceberg; California’s crew did everything possible to hit it. Perhaps they believe global warming will melt it before they get there.

And, of course, the second:

The passengers on the Titanic didn’t vote to hit the iceberg.

I am embarrassed to say that I am not only a native but have lived here almost my entire life.

Please read the article in its entirety. It is a true gem.


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