Look Which Communities are Doing the Best!

The Federal Government Black Hole sucking in every last dollar out of its citizens

Inquiring minds are noticing that the communites doing the best during this economic downturn have much in common: Being around Washington, DC.

In yet another way, the high price of the Government nanny-state comes to light. In a survey to show the 10 richest counties in the US, a stunning result comes to life: Seven of the ten counties who have the highest earning citizenry are around the nation’s capital.

Here’s the list:

1) Laudoun County, VA
2) Fairfax County, VA
3) Howard County, MD
5) Arlington County, VA
6) Montgomery County, MD
9) Calvert County, MD
10) Charles County, MD

It is truly sickening to read the comments on each of these freeloading counties. Each has, in addition to high salaries, very low unemployment. But No. 1 Laudoun County, VA, is just a great example of Federal Government largesse:

Median Household Income: $114, 204

While it has traded the top spot with the neighboring Fairfax before, Loudoun County has had the highest household income average since 2007. Taking the top spot isn’t hard to do when 17% of households in your county make more than $200,000. Conversely, only 16% make less than $50,000, the national average household income.

Of all the communities on the list, Loudoun County also had the lowest unemployment rate, estimated to be around 4.9%.

But the rallying cry for the Tea Party must be the blurb for Arlington County, VA, and shows the elitist attitude of the Progressive/Left:

Median Household Income: $96, 218

Home to the Pentagon, Arlington County is small (only 26 miles long), young (54% of its population is under 35) and affluent. Forty Seven percent of employed residents make over six figures a year.

No wonder this country has a huge national debt. If this doesn’t show that tax revenues have nothing to do with the debt nothing will. The real problem is that the last 4-5 years of huge spending increases will keep happening until a group goes to Congress and refuse to play the game.

Maybe a French-style revolution isn’t so far fetched in our near future.


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