No pay, no play…er, protect

What would the most famous sheriff do?

Inquiring minds are watching Broward County…no, it doesn’t have anything to do with counting ‘butterfly ballots’ as in the 2000 Presidential election. No, this time the intellectually inclined citizenry of BC (kind of ironic that they act like cartoonish cavemen) have decided not to pay their law enforcement personnel yet expect to be protected. Well, at least one certain city in the county…

The city of Lauderdale Lakes has stiffed the Broward County Sheriff’s Department for $6 million but still want the deputies to put their lives’ on the line. Luckily, their boss knows right from wrong:

“Let me be clear, we are not abandoning the residents of Lauderdale Lakes, but during these strained economic times, I have an obligation to the taxpayers of Broward County to ensure that services are provided based on allocated funding,” Sheriff Al Lamberti wrote in a Nov. 5 e-mail notifying city leaders of the pending change.

That is politically-correct speech brought to a whole new level. What else does one call it then? Why can’t the Sheriff just say what everyone knows, and most believe to be appropriate…that the residents of Lauderdale Lakes felt other things were/are more important than law enforcement protecting them. That IS why they didn’t pay the bill, right?

Remember the residents of Tennessse who didn’t pay their bill for fire protection a couple of months ago? We are going to see more of these scenarios now that budgets are tight…and Americans have forgotten about much about what ‘responsibility’ means.

Is this really any different than what happened to the citizens of Vallejo, CA, who went bankrupt and lost have their police protection?

Who doesn’t believe that the City of Lauderdale Lakes spent $6 million on many things that should have come after police and fire protection?

Does anbody bake yummy treats? A bake sale could raise some money.


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