Population 2050

Inquiring minds are looking to the horizon and seeing the population in 2050 very differently. This country is experiencing a major population revolution which is going almost unnoticed by the electorate. Peter C. Maffitt’s new post over on BigGovernment.com is very poignant:

For several years I have followed US population projections, which really are quite interesting. For example in 1987 the US Census Bureau projected that the US would reach a population of 300 million in 2050. So a couple years ago which we actually reached an estimated 300 million I called the US Census Bureau to get an explanation. I reached someone with a sense of humor. She said “I am an official of the US Census Bureau, not an official of the US Immigration Department.” Often population projections are more estimates rather than exact forecasts.

The shock is that in 2050 the new projections are very dramatic. In Europe major population centers are having a rapidly falling population, with the exception of members of the Moslem faith. In the US there are a wide range of current 2050 population projections.

New projections are very dramatic. The Pew Foundation analyzed the projected changes from 2005 to 2050 and they estimate the 2050 US population could be 438 million. For one thing,Our elderly population should double. It is projected, of the 117 million increase from 2005, 82% would come from immigration…67 million immigrants and their 50 million children. The Hispanic population will increase from 14% to almost 30%.

But the author’s closing is sobering:

The result of these population projections is a major Policy debate regarding immigration, social security, medical reform, etc. Except politically it is very difficult to address meaningful immigration, social security, medical, and other basic issues reforms. All these reforms must be faced with the surprising, yet predictable, yet unrecognized US population changes. The statistics cannot be predicted exactly, but the trends are self evident. There is quite a difference between our United States in 2050 with a population of 300 million or 435 million or over 500 million.


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