BREAKING: Once Again CA Whine Capital, FL Does

Inquiring minds are reading a story from (central Florida TV station) saying that Orlando Airport is leaving the ‘protection’ of the TSA and going…sssssh, quiet….to a private security firm:

All of our due diligence shows it’s the way to go,” said Larry Dale, the director of the Sanford Airport Authority. “You’re going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service.”

Dale says he will be sending a letter requesting to opt out from TSA screening, and instead the airport will choose one of the five approved private screening companies to take over.

Congressman John Mica, who’s expected to lead the powerful Transportation Committee next year, says the TSA is crying out for reform.

“I think TSA is overstepping its bounds,” said Mica.

Dale says, if all goes as planned, the private security firm could take over in about 12 months.

Showing that Washington bureaucrats just don’t know when to quit (or shut up):

The TSA points out that even if an airport decides to use a private firm for security, the screeners still must follow TSA guidelines. That would include using the full body scanners if they are installed at the airport.

The best part of the article (and reason for clicking on the link) is the chance to participate in a poll:

Is opting out the way to go?
Yes, anything is better than TSA.
No, I would feel less safe.
Maybe, it depends on the company that gets the contract.

At the time of this writing, it was “Yes” at 81%, “No” at 2%, and “Maybe” at 18% [difference from 100% is probably round off error]

Notice how in California, it was a regular citizen who could only complain. The silence was deafening from the state’s leader’s, er…politicians. In Florida, the elected officials attempting to reign in the out-of-control TSA. Especially since Orlando’s passengers seem to always be about 90% young children due to all of the amusement parks in the area.

An amazing fact: Parents still tend not to want their children fondled by strangers just because of security issues.

Is this not a clear example in the always on-going debate between government and citizens of security vs. freedom?

Remember our founding fathers. Especially Benjamin Franklin:

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


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