Breaking: President an Illegal Alien!!!

Inquiring minds are upon Cal State Fresno where the Student Body President has been shown to be an illegal alien. According to, an anonymous tip came in exposing the lying student:

…an anonymous tip to the school’s newspaper outed Ramirez as an illegal alien who has been living in the U.S. since he was three-years-old, critics are demanding his resignation.

According to the LA Times, Ramirez learned he wasn’t a United States citizen when his parents revealed the secret as he was filling out college applications. Ramirez carried the secret with him to Cal State University where the 22-year-old now studies political science. “In a way, I’m relieved,” Ramirez told the Times. “I don’t want to be a liability or cost the school donations. I never really thought this was going to happen. But now that it’s out there, I finally feel ready to say ‘Yes, it’s me. I’m one of the thousands.’ ” But many are unhappy with Ramirez and are demanding his resignation, saying he wasn’t honest with the student body about his immigration status when he ran for president. “He misled the students … he should step down,” Cole Rojewski, president of the campus’ College Republicans and one of Ramirez’s opponents in the race for president, said in a television interview. Meanwhile, Cal State school officials claim Ramirez broke no rules in running for student body president and cannot be forced to resign. “To our way of thinking he hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Paul Oliaro, vice president for Student Affairs.

Not only should Ramirez be thrown out of school, Mr.Oiaro should be dismissed at once for his statements. Did nothing wrong? Ramirez is breaking federal law. ‘That’ is something. A big something.

To see how other State Universities feel about this issue, click here for “California Goes for Broke…Texas Goes for Sanity“.


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