Inquiring minds are reading the case presented by Dick Morris, one of the best political strategist of our time. Mr. Morris shows how the Democrats have lost the woman vote after decades of having the demographic locked up.

In fact, since the abortion debate first burst onto the American political scene when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down their ill-conceived and illogical Roe v Wade decision, women have voted more Democrat than men. Not surprisingly, from that point on it has been unmarried women that have typically backed Democrat candidates, because of their pro-abortion positions, by between 10 to 20 points in each election.

But no more:

In one of the most important findings in the post-election polls, the McLaughlin and Associates polling firm has found that men and women both voted for Republican candidates in the 2010 midterm elections! Pollster John McLaughlin – one of the best – noted that “The Republican candidates for Congress had a 12-point advantage among men (53-41) and a 7-point advantage among women (50-43).” This finding is historic.

The Republicans won married women by 57-38, suburban women by 55-38, and Independent women by 51-40. Democrats maintained reduced margins among single women, poor women, and minority group women.

While national surveys have indicated a ten point shift to pro-life as opposed to pro-choice positions over the past twenty years, so dramatic a reversal from 2008 (when Obama carried women by huge margins) cannot be attributed to an attitudinal change on the abortion issue. Rather, it indicates that the issue has diminished in saliency, particularly as economic conditions have worsened and concerns about the impact of Obama’s legislation on health care quality have grown.

The rest of the article is very interesting and highly recommended.


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  1. Just as we have seen the Democrats go back to playing the race card and other devisive tactics watch as all the “non-partisan” groups stir the pot to bring the errant women voters back into the fold. As much as this Democrat tactic disgusts me I hasten to add watch as Republicans shoot themselves in their foot and provide excatly the fodder needed to stir the masses.

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