‘Coal War’ With China Next Up?

What an incredible increase in demand for coal over the last 50-60 years.

Inquiring minds are reading that analysts are warning of a coming crunch over increased world demand for electricity and the next crisis for America will be a lack of coal to run their appliances and illuminate big-screen televisions:

The situation is that hundreds of millions of people in nations like China are moving rapidly from the Stone Age to the 21st century as American dollars have flooded that part of the world, and officials have been struggling frantically to make enough power to run all of the gadgets the new lifestyle includes.

Similar circumstances also are developing in India and places like Indonesia, and the demand is sending the expense of coal through the ceiling, making relatively insignificant President Obama’s promise during his 2008 election campaign that he wanted to regulate those who build coal mines and coal-fired power plants until they were bankrupt.

The combination of QEII (aka printing money) and the increased demand for energy and food would wreak havoc on a US economy in the best of times. With the economy grasping for a foothold to lift itself out of a deep recession, this combination will overwhelm any supposed recovery.


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