Why Does Cal GOP Lose?

Inquiring minds are reading the newest article of good friend John Seiler from CalWatchdog.com about why California’s GOP loses. The Seiler article, as usual, pulls no punches and speaks candidly of the long term issue of the state:

Here’s the reality: California now is a heavily Democratic state. Republicans never again will win statewide races, barring the occasional action movie star who’s married to a Democrat.

The numbers are simple: Latinos vote 70% Democratic all around the country. The more Latinos who immigrate to California and register to vote, the more Democratic California will become. And there’s no indication that Latinos ever are going to vote Republican above their current 30% number, barring the occasional action movie star who’s married to a Democrat.

Demographics are a tough opponent. Republicans big problem is quite simple…they’re not Democrats and latinos vote 70% Democrat.

Then there is the ‘other’ problem: the ‘enemy within.

The state’s center of political donations now is Silicon Valley and its billionaires…

despite their thriving monetarily under capitalism, almost all of them are as left-wing politically as Kim Jong Il. So they fund Democrats. And even when they run as Republicans, they’re Whitman, who’s left-wing (she opposed Prop. 23), or Poizner, a liberal until the minute before he decided to run for governor.

The Silicon Valley Soviet also put up the money against Prop. 23, spending three times what the “Dirty Texas Oil Companies” did in supporting the measure. These crony capitalists just want to make money off all the “new” technologies developed from the environmentalist coercion of AB 32, which Prop. 23 would have suspended. Meg herself opposed Prop. 23.

Ironically, AB 32 will kill hundreds of thousands of good, middle-class Latino jobs. But nobody ever said politics made any sense, only that it makes for strange bedfellows.

And as California sinks deeper into the liberal/socialistic morass, more and more hard working family types just simply leave:

Republicans who want to live under a Republican governor and Legislature have a simple way to do so: move. Millions already have, another reason California now is a heavily Democratic state, and millions more Republicans will be moving in the coming years, making California even more Democratic.

Which also explains why there shouldn’t be…and won’t be, a bailout of California. We have made out bed. Now we must sleep in it.


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