Bankruptcy: Answer for Troubled States?

Jerry Brown (left) walking in a fog and people running away...what else in new?

Inquiring minds are reading Michael Barone’s new article on Real Clear Politics about how bankruptcy is a very clear option for certain states…but not before issuing a dire warning from a Democrat:

We won’t be able to say we weren’t warned. Continued huge federal budget deficits will eventually mean huge increases in government borrowing costs, Erskine Bowles, co-chairman of Barack Obama’s deficit reduction commission, predicted this month. “The markets will come. They will be swift, and they will be severe, and this country will never be the same.”

Bowles is talking about what the business press calls bond market vigilantes. People with capital are currently willing to loan money to the federal government, by buying U.S. bonds at low interest rates. That’s because interest rates are generally low and because Treasury bonds are regarded as the safest investment in the world.

But what if they aren’t? What if investors suddenly perceive a higher risk and demand a higher return? That’s what Bowles is talking about, and there are signs it may be starting to happen. The Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing — QE2 — was intended to lower the interest rate on long-term bonds. Instead, the rate has been going up.

Don’t you just love it…Democrats are now free market supply-siders! Now that they have spent all levels of government into oblivion, they frear the markets.

Mr. Barone goes on to mention California’s crisis:

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to Washington earlier this year to get $7 billion for his state government, which resorted to paying off vendors with scrip and delaying state income tax refunds. Illinois seems to be in even worse shape. A recent credit rating showed it weaker than Iceland and only slightly stronger than Iraq.

It’s no mystery why these state governments — and those of New York and New Jersey, as well — are in such bad fiscal shape. These are the parts of America where the public employee unions have been calling the shots, insisting on expanded payrolls, ever higher pay, hugely generous fringe benefits and utterly unsustainable pension promises.

The prospect is that the bond market will quit financing California and Illinois long before the federal government. It may already be happening. Earlier this month, California could sell only $6 billion of $10 billion revenue anticipation notes it put on the market.

Individual investors have been selling off state and local municipal bonds this month. Meredith Whitney, the financial expert who first spotted Citigroup’s overexposure to mortgage-backed securities, is now predicting a sell-off in the municipal bond market.

And when California comes calling on the new Congress, why would the new Republican majority leadership bail the state out? Even during a massive wave of change, California was swept by Democrats in statewide offices and didn’t pick up on congressional seat.

Politically, Republicans would be much better served to allow the Dems to stew in the pot of their own making. The fire is already stoked.

Please read the entire article. It is an important article for every Californian.


2 Responses

  1. Voters in Alameda,CA rejected a third parcel tax(larger than the existing two parcel taxes, Combined!).
    The school district is coming back again, with a slightly modified, 8 year parcel tax, to fund teacher raises, and retirement benefits, with NO accountablilty of how the money is spent.
    But of course, “It’s for the kids!”

  2. It is inexplicable that anyone would want to become governor of California at this point in time. My fear is that Jerry Brown is to stupid/ignorant to realize this. My other fear is he is aware of the disaster and intends to use it to his advantage. Either way California loses.

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