Now Its Italian “Students”

Inquiring minds are upon Europe as another country’s students (this time its Italy) are protesting. ANSA.IT is reporting:

A group of students unleashed mayhem at the Italian Senate on Wednesday when they managed to push through the building’s main entrance door before being ejected by police.

Clashes ensued in the area of the houses of parliament in central Rome following the raid by students protesting against education cuts.

Outside the Senate students let off smoke bombs and threw eggs at the building.

They then threw stones at, and clashed with, officers, who used batons to stop them reaching the area of the Lower House.

A member of the Senate staff had a dizzy spell, a police officer was injured and one student was detained.

These internationally coordinated attacks should be waking this country up. Does anyone seriously think these events are ‘grass roots’ activism? Socialists warned they were organizing these back at the start of this year.


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